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Kat Langwagen

Puzzles of SAMA

Introduction Our game “Something Ate My Alien” has a pretty unique mix of several genres combined. It is foremost a platforming style game where you dig your way through the levels in a search for a wide variety of minerals, gems, gases, fossils and artefacts to satisfy the ransom demand …Click to Read More

SAMA Launching today!

Launch day for SAMA

After 3.5 years of intense development from our 2-person team, the day where our game “Something Ate My Alien” finally launches is here!! Get it on Steam here: This 2D digging and puzzle adventure game, started off being a smallish, fun, indie game. Easy enough for 2 people to …Click to Read More

Back Story

Something Ate My Alien - Backstory

You are the AI of a very skilled mining ship called Antalasia currently cruising the remote solar system Bitiax looking for mining opportunities. Trading is the cornerstone of the galaxy and some rare items can fetch large sums on the open market. On board you have a cargo hold full …Click to Read More