Bitiax solar system

Bitiax solar system

As the AI of the mining ship Antalasia you are stuck in the Bitiax solar system while a pirate ship has taken control of your ship. To find all the items they demand you have to send down your diligent aliens to search the planets in this system for these items. Lets have a closer look at what the scanner says about the different planets that you can visit.

Underground conditions: Porous rock, lava flows, high temperature
Bedrock: 60% solid, 28% liquid, 12% gas
Civilization: Oris – advanced life form, emigrated into space
Items of significance: Rosium (gas), Wunderbat (gem), Hellium (mineral)
Advisory outfit: High performance, thermal suit and standard laser

Underground conditions: Metal rich ores, clay and alkaline water
Bedrock: 90% solid, 9% liquid, 1% gas
Civilization: Parpiuns – early development life forms, extinct
Items of significance: Fossils, Misty (gem), Inkium (mineral)
Advisory outfit: Standard suit and standard laser

Underground conditions: Hard rock, gas pockets, corrosive liquids
Bedrock: 54% solid, 2% liquid, 44% gas
Civilization: Mitania – colonization of life forms, abandoned
Items of significance: Rare artifacts, Eggium (gas), Lightium (gas), Whyium (mineral)
Advisory outfit: High pressure performance suit and advanced laser

Underground conditions: Hard rock, permafrost, super-cool liquids
Bedrock: 94% solid, 6% liquid, 0% gas
Civilization: Junits – advanced life forms, extinct
Items of significance: Rare fossils, Pale (gem), Lemoni (gem), Firmium (mineral)
Advisory outfit: High performance, thermal suit and advanced laser

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