We are a new Games Studio “RoKabium Games“, and SAMA is our first game.

Currently there are 2 of us working on the game, Rob Donovan (Programming) and Kat Langwagen (Artist), and we are both keen gamers who decided that we wanted to create a game of our own.

We love a wide variety of games but both of us have a soft spot for puzzle games in particular and therefore we decided we wanted to make a first game based around that.

Development started in Nov 2016, using Unity3D.

Rob Donovan – Programmer

I have been a coder most of my life, working on many huge computer systems around the world, mostly back end application systems. I’ve also worked on a mod for the Portal2 Game.
Over the years I’ve been well versed in many computer languages and now the actual language is no real barrier to programming. A good understanding of how to develop and apply yourself is the basis for being able to produce good solid applications.
I started playing a bit with Unity3D back in 2013, but it wasn’t until we started on SAMA that I really got into it.

Kat Langwagen – Artist

I’ve always been very creative and I had a love for drawing and creating art since I was old enough to hold a pencil. Since 2005 I’ve been focusing mostly on digital art ( Cassiopeia Art ) and I’ve been working with game art for various studios on and off since about 2010. I specialize in 2D game art and for that I use Photoshop, but I also do some 3D work mainly using Blender.