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Free DEMO of SAMA out
We now have a free Demo available of our game SAMA!

We thought it would be good to get some feedback and also let you guys try out the game.

We're pushing ahead for a release in June, but for now, click the link below to download the demo from Game Jolt

Hope you enjoy it!

Release notes:
If you find any bugs or problems, please email us at



Release notes: 0.817 (23/04/2020)

Bugs fixes:
1) Picking up a Relic from your own grave now doesn't replay the relic message again.
2) In Tartarus, if you leave the boss area and an earthquake happens, and you manage to re-enter the boss area before the earthquake ends, then it continues forever.
3) Graves sometimes fall 'through' phys blocks when they are moving.
4) Removed a UI asset called SoftMask. Was causing some issues on older setups.
5) UI Customize screen, Suit, Weapons and Energy background boxes were at wrong alpha value.
6) Moved a few blocks in Metis (to stop an Uff getting stuck on a 1 block edge) & Lelantos (Stop a phys block being able to hide a portal). (Will only change for planets not yet visited, or new games)
7) Pressing F11 during loading the game causes errors. Now suppressing F11 during loading.
8) HUD Focus rect doesn't resize while Minimap is being resized.
9) Controller button bindings window, hide focus rect when first opening window, so it doesn't show it from the previous open.
10)With Controllers, the 'X' button was incorrectly cancelling certain popup windows and causing problems. Spec, during the tutorial, the flashing highlights remained after the info window was displayed. Also was causing the game to lockup in the Grave/Chest popups.
11)If controller is unplugged while a info window is visible, then when you close the window the cursor is not visible.
12)Mining speed was being slightly lowered by frame rate. A lower FR was making it slower.
13)In the final area, enemies were not always attacking when they should be.
14)Stats - Total blocks mined was slightly wrong.
15)Enemy hitbox center incorrectly set sometimes in Tartarus.
16)If you swap to Color Blind mode while down on a planet, then the game crashed.

Enhancements & tweaks:
1) Hard & Insane modes now give more health for hearts and picks.
2) Hard & Insane modes, Magnacer now does more damage to compensate for the higher HP enemies have.
3) If Something head touches an enemy it will now kill the enemy, with drops. (not in insane mode). Monodon & Gooaline are immune from this, so are all Aura enemies.
4) 'Big' enemies don't respawn once killed for at least 2 minutes.
5) When you kill all segments of the "Something" and are left with the head, it can no longer eat you.
6) Enemy Hatter & HatCap now fire their projectiles even if there is a block below them, mostly for visual effect.
7) Added description about the resize icon in the minimap help window.
8) Added more checking for permissions and accessing the games data files, specifically on startup. If problems are found, red text is displayed bottom left of screen, with support info email.
9) Speeded up teleporting down to planet. Especially noticeable for lower end PCs and low FPS systems.

Known Issues:
1) It's not always possible to get the 'Block miner' achievement. This is because some blocks in puzzle rooms could become trapped after solving the puzzle in some circumstances.

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